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October 22, 2016 8AM

Brisket, Ribs, Chicken,Pulled Pork, Sides and Sauces

Special Guest Speaker: Kevin Riley, CRC cookers

Guest Speaker:

Kevin Riley, CRC Cookers

Kevin Riley, Championship Pitmaster of CRC BBQ, will be joining us for a Q&A session concerning BBQ competition cooking. Kevin has won hundreds of awards competing in some of the biggest cook-offs across the country.

At the 2013 American Royal in Kansas City, he finished 18th out of 532 teams in the open and taking 5th in Pork Butt in the invitational out of 174 teams. Kevin is also the proud owner of his 3rd Gator Pit.


"Thanks for taking my BBQ skills to the next level. I had a great time!"

Oscar Garcia

Good Morning Ritch…

Thank you to everyone for the time spent, the southern hospitality and the easy access to all the specific details, suggestions and knowledge on smoking meats and specialty dishes.  I really enjoyed it!

Todd Harris (aka Double Chin Charlies)

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CRC BBQ Rubs and Sauces - Endorsed by Gator Pit of Texas, LP.

Learn from the Kings of the Grill, Ritch Robin and Kirk Draut, on how to get the most from your offset or upright smoker.  They will share their 40+ years of BBQ experience on fire management, meat preparation, cooking, presentation and catering.  Every class is a hands-on experience with brisket, ribs, chicken, and pork, as well as sauces and sides.  Classes are held at the Gator Pit facility in Houston, Texas.

Ritch and Kirk have been seen on Destination America, Discovery Channel, Food Network, and the History Channel, showing off their unique BBQ style and skills.  In addition to years of TGCBCA and ICBA cook-offs, they also cooked at the HLSRA BBQ cookoff, Operation BBQ Rescue for US servicemen at Camp Pendleton, and fed thousands Hurricane Katrina survivors in the aftermath of that storm.

Tuition is $500 per student, includes all meats, supplies, and refreshments.  Gator Pit BBQ School is an 8-hour, one day class.  All meats, rubs, and sauces are provided, along with refreshments.  Class begins promptly at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM.  All students should dress in layers in case of changes in the weather.  Gator Pit BBQ School recommends bringing a pen and paper to make notes in addition to the course book.  Every participant will receive a course book, food safety card and BBQ Pitmaster certificate.  All sales are final, no refunds, no make-up classes, no exceptions. Space is limited, so don't wait!

Contact Ritch at to register

or call 713-896-0144 or Toll Free: 1-866-869-5166.

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